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WE are here to prepare the RIGHT OIL for YOU...
Shvan Trading Company is a member  of Asia Oil  Group and  also  the only agent   of Asia Oil Company which has extensive experience in producing  all types of oil productions in Kurdistan and accomplishes deals to the highest standards. Shvan Company is an International Trading Company in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region in  the  field  of  buying , selling and transporting oil products and doing various activities such as importing, exporting, distributing and delivering the oil productions of many big companies  from other countries . Shvan  Company   actively trades oil  products in Iraq ,  both importing them from  abroad and purchasing them from local factories  of Asia  Oil. Also exports locally purchased oil products. Shvan has  its own  capability in the field of  transporting  oils within Iraq. Moreover, it has the capability to transport the oil products  abroad according to its administrative capacity.
Various types of oil productions are produced by Asia Oil Company and  distributed by Shvan Company  which  are   contain of  Motor oils,  Engine oils,  Hydraulic oils  , Gear oils, Gas Oil, Petrol Oil and any other lubricant oils for all kinds   of  machineries . Furthermore ,  packing of the productions is done in a  relative factory  called Asia oil Drum Factory. These  productions are in different formats such as barrels, flexes, gallons, cans and many sizes  such as 1, 4, 5, 20, 25 and 208 liters. 
Shvan has the agency of various  international   brands. Some of Oil Brands in our package list are such as: Asia Oil,  Euro Lub,  Dallas Lub,  Exxon Mobil,  Toyota, Bonn, Axcl, Kad oil, 
Opet, MaxMas, Petrol Ofis,  Lux Oil,  Total,  Castrol,  Shell,  Aksa,  Behran,  Sepahan,  Nobil, 
National, Masco, Lasco, Zenit, Sara, Masla, Fuchs, alligator,… 
Moreover, Shvan productions are distributed to all parts of North and South of Iraq by accredited representatives.Shvan also prepare all facilities for the agencies such as delivering the oil to their place of business.
1. Preparing any kinds of oil suitable for different seasons,
2. Appropriate Delivery System for all places,
3. Giving Guarantee to the customer for any types of Oils,
4. Doing advertisements and promotions for the agencies,
5. Considering special gifts and prizes for agencies and
    customers based on monthly purchasing.